Elevated roofs:

From VW T5s, SWB Vivaros, Fiat Scudos and Peugeot Experts and many more, ‘pop tops’ are a fantastic conversion choice! Fitting an elevating roof to your van provides you with lots of advantages…

F irst...it would allow you to stand up in your van! Imagine the ease of cooking and getting dressed!

Second...think of bedtime! It would also allow for an incredibly comfortable roof bed, effectively turning the standard 2 berth side conversion into a 4 berth camper. (We can also provide you with the roof bed/mattress.)

Third...an elevating roof will, for sure, increase your campervan’s resale value.

Here at Ashben Designer Conversions, we really do pride ourselves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices to suit everyone’s budgets and dream visions for their very own campervans.


Interested in getting a elevated roof conversion?