1How long does a conversion take?

This totally depends on the size of your van and what you’d like to have inside of it. But here’s a rough guide:

T4/T5 furniture kits? Can sometimes be fitted in just 1 day!

Small van furniture? 2-4 days.

Standard conversions plus carpets, insulating and fitted windows? 2-3 weeks.

Larger van furniture kits? 2 weeks.

...plus windows, roof vents, insulating, carpeting etc? Up to 6 weeks.

This is simply to give you a rough idea...but for a faster, more accurate gauge of time, please do get in contact with us.

2Do you do conversions for transit vans?
Absolutely! We convert just about any van and provide the furniture too.
3Can I supply my own appliances?
You can indeed. We’ll the furniture around them, no problem. However, we ask that any appliances you buy are supplied are brand new for health and safety reasons.
4Do you offer lining and carpeting?
Yes we do. We can also insulate your van to make it extra cosy.
5Do your beds come with seatbelts?
They certainly can do. We offer crash-tested Rock and Roll beds complete with two 3-point seat belts, or for smaller budgets we offer metal framed beds for use while your vehicle is parked up.
6Do you convert race vans?
Yes! We have a number of layout designs which you can opt for and we’ll be working with you directly to discuss your ideal race van to suit your lifestyle.
7Do you connect the gas/electric?
We can connect 12v Fridges, Leisure Batteries, LED lighting etc but we do not install gas for your hob. This is better off done by a highly qualified gas engineer after we have finished converting your van for your own (and our) safety!