Race Van Conversion:

Here at Ashben Conversions, we would class a race van as...many many things! The term ‘race van’ covers a vast array of conversions.

It is a general term for large vans that have been converted to enjoy a living space, like what would be seen in a motorhome or camper van, with a large rear garage for storage.

F rom go-karts, race motorbikes, track bikes, motocross bikes, sidecars, and generally large sporting equipment for the weekends...there’d be space to store them all!

The most common vans that are used for this type of conversion are Mercedes Sprinters, VW Crafters and Iveco Dailies, due to their generous sizes...but other vans can also be used. We’d quickly let you know what class your van is when you fill out our quote form.

Due to the different sizes available, there’s loads of layout options for you to choose from! We don’t tend to have a standard conversion, especially for these larger variants.

We’ll be working with you directly to collaboratively design and convert your race van to your liking.

Due to the extra space, as well as all the standard comforts such as rock and roll beds, wardrobes and kitchens, toilets and shower cubicles would also be available for you too!

As for your race van’s furniture, we provide bespoke stylish interiors and/or flatpack furniture kits based on your needs. Depending on your preferences, we’ll happily fit the furniture for you or supply it all in a handy flat pack kit if you want to get your hands dirty.

Here at Ashben Designer Conversions, we really do pride ourselves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices to suit everyone’s budgets and dream visions for their very own campervans.


Interested in getting a race van conversion?