Small Van Conversion:

Here at Ashben Conversions, we would class a ‘small camper’ as something around the size of a VW T5, Vauxhall Vivaro or a SWB Transit, but we’d quickly let you know what class your van is when you fill out our quote form.

T he smaller campers are often fitted with most people tend to go for a standard side conversion consisting of a pull-out seat/bed, also known as a rock and roll bed, with a wardrobe and kitchen unit with a hob and a small fridge.

That said, you could also choose to go for a simple and sociable L-shape sofa setup, the choice is absolutely yours. We’ll be helping you step by step to pick a design that suits you and your lifestyle the best.

We also supply elevating roofs (aka pop tops), windows and carpets, as well as now offering our super safe side conversions with crash-tested Rock and Roll beds complete with two 3-point seat belts.

As for your smaller camper’s furniture, we provide bespoke stylish interiors and/or flatpack furniture kits based on your needs. Depending on your preferences, we’ll happily fit the furniture for you or supply it all in a handy flat pack kit if you want to get your hands dirty.

Here at Ashben Designer Conversions, we really do pride ourselves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices to suit everyone’s budgets and dream visions for their very own campervans.


Interested in getting a small van conversion?